I stayed up too late last night.  Almost pulled an all-nighter.  I have wolves on the brain, and elk too.  What with Apryle taking a hunter’s ed course and my recent interest in wolf books, I find myself writing passionately about reintroduction of wolves and hunters to RMNP.

So today I am tired.  My job prospects do not seem good.  The mortgage industry is dying the death of a thousand cuts, and slowly taking me down with it.  Perversely, I am busier than I’ve been in much of the past few months.  But little by little, our loan programs are being eliminated and the big banks are gaining the upper hand…at the expense of the little guy.

I am not sure what to do.  Interests abound, opportunities somewhat.  Retirement is appealing, but those prospects are somewhat limited for the time being.  Apryle is rocking with her business and that makes me happy.  Even if work winds down to nothing, I can lend a hand with her ever growing “to do” list.

I am looking forward to this year.  Spring skiing, summer backpacking, a few trips up Longs, climbing in the fall, and elk season in November combined with the several good friends who will be in the area promise a rich 2008.


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