Chickens, Jobs, & Hobbies Update

The Senseneys bought a place out here. They’re replacing their deck and Phil scrounged some wood to build some raised garden beds.

In the meantime, our chickens have been busy growing, eating, and pooping.  Luckily, a new feedstore in Estes Park started up so we can buy our chicken feed and scratch locally now.  Our friends at the feedstore also have horseback riding stables in Estes Park.  Turns out the horses over there do a lot of eating and pooping as well, so Phil was able to score some horse manure to fill his new garden beds.  So, in between shifts at REI, Phil has been drooling over heirloom fruits and veggies and debating the merits of various potatoes.  

This year’s crop of rosemary has seen a lot of use lately in our recently-mastered rosemary sourdough bread (call or email us if you’d like some of our delicious sourdough starter).  Our pumpernickle loaf still needs some work if the desire is to eat it rather than produce masonry work with it.  On a better note, Phil’s homemade applesauce is a huge success – plain or with a dash of cinnamon and sugar.

Since moving back to our cabin, we have two apartments available: one 1-bedroom and one 3-bedroom.  Please call or email if you know of anyone looking for a place to rent in Estes Park.

My internship with Rocky Mountain National Park finished up on Nov 6.  I enjoyed it very much and submitted an article about my experience to Ranger Magazine for print – we’ll see if it gets published!  I plan to work there at Rocky next summer.  In the meantime, I will continue with my website design, mostly just working with my current clients. 

I am working diligently to finish up a homemade baby gift for my neice-to-be.  I’ll share pictures and more details once it’s finished and dropped in the mail.  Keep your fingers crossed as this is my first attempt at this craft. 

Orchestra is going so-so.  We’re playing Handel’s Messiah… rapidly.  The other players are much better than me, but I’m limping along, trying to hang in there for our upcoming concerts on Dec 4 & 5. 

I’m tired of the site design, but can’t find the time or inspiration to rebuild right now.  As the days get shorter and colder, I’ll have more time to chew on it this winter. 

Off to check on the chickens.  We ♥ our chickens.

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1 Kate { 11.12.10 at 3:07 pm }

I love your life. Chickens, horses, orchestra, rosemary – you two are awesome!

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