who am I?

I started this page on a whim; it has since become my favorite avenue for introspection. I have bumbled along, writing deep thoughts or passionate discourses, or simply wasting time in lieu of other “important” tasks. There hasn’t been much order to my thinking, though, nor to the way I lead my life. I feel strongly about many things….and as I fell asleep last night it occurred to me that (being the over-analytical type) I may enjoy and benefit from organizing my thoughts, ethics, and promises to myself in a single document. While I may not live up to it all the time, or at all in some areas, it reflects who I wish I was.
A treatise on who I am
I am Philip John Magistro. The twenty-one years I have lived have by no means given me all the answers, but I have had so many opportunities. I have graduated from high school, studied in college, drank wine in Paris, slept in high canyons of the Tetons, walked on the Great Wall, made great friends who I will never see again and made friends who I will value for the rest of my life. I’ve set goals and achieved them and made promises and broken them. As my life changes, there are certain values, practices, and beliefs that I want to always hold on to. All the things I value fall into three areas: me, the people around me, and my environment. To be the person that I want to be, I hold close to the following ideals.
I value my mind. I am a lifelong learner. I read books, write my thoughts, talk about politics and religion and whatever else is on my mind, and think for myself.
I value my body. I eat well…natural foods, less chemicals, no fast food, less packaged junk. I do not smoke, nor take illegal drugs. I drink in moderation. I keep myself in good shape by running, swimming, hiking, climbing, working out, and stretching frequently. I stay alive by making good decisions in the mountains and on the water and not putting myself needlessly in harm’s way. My life is more valuable than any summit.
I value my spirit. I do what I enjoy, and live with no regrets and no complaints. I take notice of what is important to me, and I focus on that. I take on what I can, and let go when the time comes.
the people around me
In dealing with others, I am honest, open, and caring. I place importance on my relationships and let my friends, family, and loved ones know how I feel. I give more than I receive. I am a positive influence on the people in my life, never dragging someone else down.
my environment
I am a reflection of the things I do and the tasks I undertake. I give everything I have to my job, school, organizations I become involved with, and any other commitments I take on. I do not become engaged in pursuits of little value to me, but I strive to be as involved as I can manage. I put myself in the places where I can achieve the most good. I am a visionary leader who can accomplish anything. I am active about the issues that matter to me. I do not judge people without reason, and I think before I act.

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1 Phil { 02.28.11 at 11:52 am }

Working hard every day to live up to this.

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