Winter Update

Well, once again I find myself blogging in late November.  Unlike years before, however, I am not blogging out of desperation.  Perhaps on account of the time change, perhaps our little vacation to Florida, or perhaps just out of general contentment with life, I haven’t hit the mid-fall doldrums that have haunted me in the past.  And I’m not complaining about it!

Apryle and I sat down with the calendar on Monday night and sketched out a year’s worth of adventures.  We haven’t been as active as I would like (my own fault, granted) so I hope that a little organization will help light a fire.

Most notably, we’re planning on running the Estes Park Marathon on June 15th, 2008.  Anyone interested?  Training started yesterday with a 2.6 mile jaunt through the dark and windy back streets of Estes Park.  We’ll do a half-marathon training program culminating in mid-February, then start in on Hal’s full 18 week program.  Hoping for a comparable finish to my Frederick marathon in 2005, around four and a half hours.  The marathoin training will pretty much eat up our entire spring.  Here’s to long runs in the dark and snow, no injuries, and the particular pleasure of a 26.2 mile race 700 miles long.

Travel plans include: LA to visit Apryle’s friends.  Oregon with my grandparents and dig some sunstone out of the ground.  (More on rockhounding to come, stay tuned.)  Beijing?  Yeah, we’ll try that.  And of course, home for the holidays.

Also on the recreational docket is some ice climbing, backcountry skiing, a trip to Ouray, some winter backpacking, and a couple of winter peak ascents.  Still haven’t knocked off Longs in winter or Meeker in any season.  Weather willing ‘08 will see that change.  If you’re interested in joining in the fun, drop us a line.


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