Wrong way around the lake

I went for a run yesterday, and I went the wrong way around the lake.

See, starting at the visitor’s center, you can either run clockwise or counter-clockwise.  Either way, the run is 3.75 miles.  Either way, you go gradually downhill until reaching “Wapiti Meadows”, the field below the dam, and climb gradually back up to the visitor’s center.  Either way, the wind blasts you on the way back and the barely perceptible uphill holds you back like a giant hand.

For some reason, however, going counter-clockwise really sucks.  A lot.  I hadn’t done it in the winter, and thought I’d mix it up a bit, and so yesterday I decided to run counter to Apryle’s standard recommendation.  And it was awful.  The temps were hovering around freezing, and the wind did everything in its power to stop me in my tracks.  At one point, I even tried running backwards to confound the icy blasts.

As I neared the three-mile mark, I thought to myself, “this has got to be one of the hardest runs I’ve done.”  Ridiculous, of course….compared to the Pagoda runs in high school, the big races where I’d double over and hurl just past the finish line, the Frederick Marathon and the training runs that led up to it, or Gem Lake.  However, I came to something of a realization: damn near every run in the dark in the winter here at 7,500ft is a character building experience.

Motivation tonight is at an serious low, thus I am sitting on the couch blogging rather than finishing up my scheduled 3 miler.


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