Year Gone By

So that’s it. The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Three has gone by the wayside, and along with it my time at the University of Pittsburgh has come to an end. It ended well but quickly, with a mad and crazy karaoke night, a few harried exams and papers, and a dash to pack up and get to New Hampshire in time to climb as much ice as possible before Christmas demanded my return home. The climbing proved less than satisfying….we failed to even attempt the big alpine gullies I had dreamed about for the past few weeks. The ice cragging we did get in taught Sean and Ron (our host and possible South America climbing partnerr) and I some valuable lessons about ice climbing that we may well have died on Washington without. No regrets.

Christmas was full of food and family, as it should be. For the New Year’s holiday, I joined two roommates for a less-than-frigid hike in the Adirondaks. And now I am here, at home, procrastinating on a grand scale to finish the myriad tasks that lie before me and my epic South American adventure. At long last I think the equipment is all together…now all I have to do is write those thank-you notes…


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