Colorado Trail 2010

Map of the Colorado TrailHiking the Colorado Trail
The Colorado Trail is a 486 mile footpath that winds through the heart of the Rockies from Denver to Durango. We spent pretty much all of July 2010 thru-hiking the Colorado Trail.

Update: August 1, 2010
We made it! Thank you to all who helped us along the way. Click here to view our Colorado Trail trip report and specific thank you’s!

Update: May 19, 2010
Training for our 2010 Colorado Trail thru-hike is coming along pretty well; about as well as can be expected with the weather we’ve been getting in Estes Park. Many of our training hikes include sections of post-holing through thigh-deep snow or sinking in mud and slush. Our biggest hike in Five Fingers so far has been a four-miler through a lot of that slushy terrain. It went well, but after getting through the slush, we both decided to put on the dry shoes and socks we were carrying. Our longest hike to-date was a 15-16 mile hike around Lumpy Ridge and partway out to Lawn Lake. Again, we did a lot of post-holing and our feet were soaked. We did one 13-mile round trip on skis, in to Jasper Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

Our logistics, food resupplies, and other planning for the Colorado Trail is also coming along and we’ll be sure to post any useful information as we go along. More to come later on our thru hike of the Colorado Trail!

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