Inside Passage 2009

Kayaking the inside passage
The 2009 Go Wild Inside Passage Expedition was a success! On August 21, 2009, we paddled the last few strokes into Glacier Bay National Park, completing our 111 day journey on the Inside Passage. The Go Wild Expedition began on May 2, 2009 in Gig Harbor, WA and covered 1,251 miles through Washington, up the wild coast of British Columbia, and along the panhandle of Alaska.

Truly an epic journey for both of us, we are excited to share our experience with you an at upcoming slideshow. The expedition generated significant media coverage, raising awareness of the salmon situation on the BC coast. We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors, who helped make this trip possible. We tracked our route using Google Maps. We are still accepting donations to benefit the Living Oceans Society, so please contribute to the preservation of wild Pacific salmon!
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Kayaking the inside passage

Wild Salmon need Our Help! One of the primary goals of the expedition was to examine the issues that are thought by the scientific community to be contributing to the localized extinction of pink and chum salmon along the British Columbia coast, specifically the open-net farming of non-native Atlantic salmon.
Our time on the coast, conversations with locals, and personal observations made it clear that that pink and chum salmon, once abundant in this coastal ecosystem, are in danger of extinction in the area of Broughton Archipelago in as little as four years.  To help mitigate this problem, we are raising awareness for the plight of wild salmon and accepting donations on to benefit the the Living Oceans Society. Click here to view petitions to protect salmon.

Click here for the Go Wild Expedition press release describing our trip and objectives.

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