South America 2004

Late in January, 2004, Phil flew south out of Philadelphia with a 7000in 3 backpack and a heavy expedition duffel loaded with nearly 70lbs of mountaineering equipment. The goal? To kayak Patagonia, explore Argentina, trek across the Cordillera Real, and climb in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. He spent the following seven months seeking adventures across southern South America.

Here is the travelogue, broken into sections including letters home, photos, and trip reports:

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Briefing for Entry into a More Harsh Environment – by Morgan Hite. “Briefing” was a very meaningful document for me at the end of my NOLS course…in a sense a distillation of the entire trip in a page or two.

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011 Attempt on Maparaju

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024 Life in Huaraz

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005 Attempting Artesonraju

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009 Foiled on Yanamarey

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