Other Travel

travel destinationsTen years ago, if someone had told me that I would backpack through Europe, study twice in China, and romp through the mountains of Chilean Patagonia before graduating from college, I would have thought them crazy. I had no desire to travel. But halfway through my senior year of high school, something made me decide to backpack Europe after graduation. That started it….life hasn’t been the same since. Traveling changed my outlook on life in many ways, instilling a strong appreciation for what I have been given and a desire to communicate and understanding other cultures. Please enjoy the photos and stories from these previous journeys:

  • Europe 2000
  • China 2001
  • China 2002
  • South America 2004
  • Yucatan 2007

More and more, I am finding ways to combine travel with my love of the outdoors. For more information on outdoor-oriented travel, check out the Expeditions page.

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