Yucatan 2007

travel destinationsWe had the opportunity to take a quick jaunt to Mexico. We spent a few days on Isla Mujeres, then hopped over to the mainland and visited Chichen Itza and stayed in Playa del Carmen. A late honeymoon, a birthday trip for Apryle, and a six-month anniversary all rolled into six days of beaches, ruinas, and fishes. Overall we had a really good time, though not without a few trials and tribulations.

Read Phil’s story and Apryle’s story about the trip!

022 Playa Beaches
027 Phil underwater
026 Phil checking out some fishes
028 Lots of Fishes
024 The Pretty Couple
023 Going snorkeling
025 Apryle diving
019 Chichen Itza Observatory
018 Ancient Road at Chichen Itza
020 Bar Swings in Playa
021 Breakfast
016 Carvings at Chichen Itza
017 Sacrifical Cenote
014 Phil at Chichen Itza
015 Chichen Itza Ball Court
013 El Castillo Chichen Itza
012 Apryle at Chichen Itza
008 Apryle with a land turtle
011 Street in Isla Mujeres
009 Tortuga
010 Tasty shakes at Manana
007 Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres
004 Hostel Room at Poc Na
006 Apryle at Playa Norte
002 Fishing Boats near Cancun
003 Funnel Cloud off Isla Mujeres
005 Iguana

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