First Day Sailing

We’ve got the boat!! We drove down yesterday morning and picked it up from Community Sailing in Denver. Jay was invaluable in showing us the rigging and helping us get her ready for a first jaunt under new ownership.

The wind was friendly to us, perhaps too much so. I didn’t want to spill on our first sail – but a little breeze would have been nice. As it was, we got a couple of gusts and managed to make our way into the middle of the lake before gradually tacking our way back to shore.

We stopped in at The Anchorage in Lyons – and were tremendously impressed by their helpfulness. Sam knew the boat -well- he’d sailed them since the 60s. He made a few repair suggestions that sounded good to us….forget fiberglass for now, patch the cracks with some easily removable plastic sheeting and hit the water until it gets cold – then flip her over and lay glass on the inside.

We went for a brief sail on Lake Estes in the early evening, also uneventful….very light wind. We got the boat rigged without help, and I fixed a couple of odd things in the rigging. Still need to figure out a better way to attach the last block on the boom – but I may be able to find something in the bucket of spare parts that came with the boat.

I’m eager to hit the water in some bigger wind. Nothing huge, just enough to get the boat humming a bit. We’ll get her cleaned up tonight and hopefully see what she can do tommorrow!

Apryle’s Take:

We picked up the sailboat today. After a lesson in rigging from patient Community Sailing guy – Jay – we set her afloat in Standley Lake. slight difficulties raising the main sail. very little wind. Sailing consisted of moving a series of ropes through a series of pulleys and swishing the rudder back and forth.

The water was GREAT! Perfect temperature. we forgot sunscreen so we’re both a bit burnt – me more than Phil. I hung on to the boat while Phil pulled me in the water. That was the best. Great to be swimming again.

When we got back to Estes Phil hadn’t had quite enough sailing for the day so we dropped her in Lake Estes.



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